Thai Triangle Cushions
For Lounging, Reading, and Meditation
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Traditionally, life in a Thai house was lived on the
floor. Raised seating was reserved for royalty and
monks. To make life on the floor more
comfortable, the Thais ingeniously invented a seat
that is functionally perfect while aesthetically
pleasing — the triangular cushion, or
maun kwan.
Today this cushion is used both on the floor and in

Typically, the triangular cushion is positioned at
the side as a support to the arm. It can also be
positioned behind as a back or head rest. Seating
pads are attached to the triangular cushions to
prevent the cushion from sliding and also to
insulate against hard cold floors.

The three-fold format (triangle attached to a three-
section seating pad) can be stacked to build an
extra tall triangle, or folded for a double-thickness
seat, or fully opened as a bed (or exotic chaise
lounge). See photos of configuration options

Each cushion is densely packed with kapok, a
clean and safe cotton-like fiber. The cushions are
very firm. The seat cushions are 3" thick. Triangle
itself is approximately 12" tall, 20" wide. Length
varies depending on the fold configuration: each of
the three seat cushion sections is 17.5" long, and
the triangle is 13" long.

Available in two fabrics:
and Black/Red/White with Elephants
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