Ring Size Guide

Instant gratification: Click the size that's ready to go. OR select "custom" and we can create one in the perfect size you need. Please state the required size when you check out.

Getting a very wide band ring? Please size up a little bit larger than what you'd take in a typical thin band.

All sizes are US RING SIZE, measured using the inside diameter of the hole.

5: 15.5 mm
6: 16.5 mm
7: 17.0 mm
8: 18.0 mm
9: 19.0 mm
10: 20.0 mm
11: 20.5 mm
12: 21.5 mm
13: 22.5 mm

NEED HELP? Measure a ring you already own and compare the size chart. Really wide, over-the-top rings are often most comfortable worn on your index finger, non-dominant hand.